Balder is a very powerful, universal and flexible python test framework that allows you to reuse a once written testcode as efficiently as possible for different but similar platforms/devices/applications.

This page gives an overview over all BalderHub packages that are contained in the balder-dev GitHub group. If you are new to Balder, checkout the documentation.

We hope this page makes it easier for developers to find and contribute to such open-source projects.


Balder is a very young project. Unfortunately, this also means that we do not have so many BalderHub projects at the moment.

We need your help here. There are a lot of people in this world, that are experts in the thing they are doing and exactly these experts we need here.

Do you know one area really well? Do you like the concept of balder? Think about to initiate an own BalderHub project. Take a look into our Balder GitHub Group and feel free to contribute to an existing project or create your own one. If you are not secure if your subject already exist or if you are searching for some colleagues to develop a BalderHub project within a group, fell free to create an issue or start a new discussion.

Installable BalderHub Projects